Spice Up Your Romance

October 2, 2016

Liven Up Your Romantic Life Without Focusing On The Bedroom


Love NotesWhen you hear people talking about being more romantic or livening up their romantic lives, you might think first about love clichés. Are you picturing rose petals leading to the bedroom, a romantic candlelit dinner, a bottle of champagne, an opportunity where you can share your sexy fantasies, dim lights and Barry White? Well, being romantic is also about spontaneity. There is certainly nothing wrong with any of those clichéd ideas, but at the same time, you want unique ideas.

What are you going to bring to the table? When trying to be more romantic, many men send flowers out of the blue. Hey, that’s always a winner, but there are other great ideas as well. Of course, many people also only think one way when hoping to liven up their romantic lives. That’s one angle to take, but why not look at romanticism through the correct lens? The bedroom is one thing, but how can you make your relationship more romantic?

If you’re a guy, and you’re thinking about only flowers and other gushy ideas, then that might be the problem. You have to think outside the box and you have to think about what makes your partner feel more loved, appreciated, desired, etc. For example, say you wake up one morning, and you do something that saves your wife time on the way out the door. Or, maybe you leave her a small note that makes her feel good.

Compliments are always a great way to spice up your romantic life, but they need to be genuine. Some people have a tendency to try and overdo it with romantic ideas in an effort to hit the nail on the head. Going overboard can have the opposite effect of course. It’s not that your partner would hold it against you or anything, but your efforts just might not resonate.

What does your partner like to do? Surprise tickets to a concert or something similar can be a nice romantic gesture. Maybe your partner has a special place he or she likes to go. Also, do you and your partner have a special place that you share? Maybe you met at a particular restaurant on a first date and you would like to take your partner there, out of the blue. There are so many ways to liven up your romantic life. What do you plan to try first? Hopefully, these ideas got your creative juices flowing, and you’re ready to wow your partner.